It’s Saturday at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which means a day of golf coverage focused more on celebrities with (mostly) terrible golf swings doing stupid things rather than the actual PGA Tour players.

Sometimes, though, it’s actually funny! For example, here’s Larry the Cable Guy doing something legitimately funny for the first time in a very long time. As with pretty much everything he does that’s objectively entertaining, it was unintentional.

He missed the putt, because of course he did.

Lawrence wasn’t the only celebrity sending golf equipment flying towards fans at high speeds. Here’s Toby Keith doing something legitimately dangerous!

Good stuff, Toby, thanks for almost killing someone. The little dance he does as his club hurtles back towards the earth really makes it. Anyway, Nick Taylor is leading the tournament (he played at Spyglass Hill today, so we didn’t really get to see him) with defending champion Phil Mickelson right behind heading into Sunday.

Hopefully no one is maimed in the interim by a comedian firing a ball into the stands or a country singer throwing a club.

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