Phil Mickelson

Legendary golfer Phil Mickelson has never shied away from making bold statements throughout his career. He continued that tradition this week in an interview with ESPN.

Mickelson abandoned the PGA Tour for the Saudi Arabian government-backed LIV Golf, which he says “is here to say,” and that the Tour will never again be the same.

“The PGA Tour, for the last twenty or thirty years have had all the best players in the world. That will never be the case again. LIV Golf is here to stay,” Mickelson said after the opening round of the LIV event in Chicago on Friday.

Mickelson had some ideas on what could assuage the current hostilities between the competing golf circuits.

“The best solution is for us to come together. I think that the world of professional golf has a need for the old historical ‘history of the game’ product that the PGA Tour provides. I think that LIV provides a really cool, updated feel that is attracting a lot of younger crowds.

“Both are good for the game of golf and the inclusion of LIV Golf in the ecosystem of the golf world is necessary. As soon as that happens, we all start working together. It’s going to be a really positive thing for everyone.”

Whether the PGA Tour and LIV Golf can settle their differences remains to be seen.


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