Fan Cole Turner wears a shirt with Scottie Scheffler's mugshot at the 2024 PGA Championship. Fan Cole Turner wears a shirt with Scottie Scheffler’s mugshot at the 2024 PGA Championship. (Matt Stone/The Louisville Courier-Journal, via USA Today Sports.)

Although Scott Scheffler didn’t win the PGA Championship on Sunday, he did get a win of sorts from the Louisville District Attorney’s office.

It seems as if the DA’s office has decided not to file charges against Scheffler after his arrest on Friday morning before the second round of the PGA Championship.

Scheffler reportedly disobeyed police orders when he tried to enter Valhalla on Friday which led to his arrest. Although prosecutors may not pursue charges in this case, that doesn’t mean the police officer involved may not file charges himself or even file a civil suit.

According to the first reports, Officer Bryan Gillis was injured during the confrontation and was hospitalized on Friday.

“Detective Gillis was in the middle of the westbound lanes, in full LMPD uniform and a hi-visibility yellow reflective rain jacket,” the citation read. “Detective Gillis stopped subject and attempted to give instructions. Subject refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging Detective Gillis to the ground. Detective Gillis suffered pain, swelling and abrasions to his left wrist and knee. He was transported to the hospital for further medical treatment by emergency medical personnel.”

One of the reasons charges may not be brought is because Officer Gillis’s bodycam wasn’t on during the time of the incident so there was no proof of what he said and eyewitness accounts also go against what Gillis alleged.

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