The LPGA Tour is in Wisconsin this week for the Thornberry Creek Classic, and late Friday afternoon, Golf Channel’s coverage was winding down. Most of their evening window had focused on 13-year-old amateur Alex Pano, for obvious reasons, but it was one of her playing partners tee shots, or lack thereof, that made for the most memorable moment.

Here’s Spanish pro Beatriz Recari setting up for her drive on 18. It did not go well.

That’s not good! Her right foot clearly slipped at a point in the swing where she had no chance to stop it. The booth was stunned, and they showed a few more replays:

Recari went on to miss a short putt for bogey, if that was indeed a stroke. The broadcast had her with a double, but if Recari was intentionally trying to miss the ball after she slipped it might not technically be a stroke under the rules of golf.

The leaderboard currently has her with a double on the final hole as well, and her reaction after missing the putt says she probably will be taking that as a stroke. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also something you never, ever see professional golfers do, on any of the pro tours. That can’t be fun. That it was actually on the broadcast is just a little extra twist for Recari.

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