If you forgot how great being rich and famous can be, well, let Mark Wahlberg quickly remind you. This just in: It’s pretty nice.

The movie star has become quickly fond of golf in recent years, even posting the occasional video of his swing on his Instagram and playing a round with PGA Tour pro Bubba Watson.

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However, Wahlberg’s love for the game is growing rapidly. As it turns out, a membership to a nice country club is not enough for him anymore.

The actor, who has the oil spill disaster film Deepwater Horizon coming out later this year, decided to bring the country club home with him by turning his backyard into his very own practice course. Fortunately for us, he posted a photo of the final result on Instagram. 

Building a golf course in your backyard might seem like a rather novel idea, but Wahlberg is far from the first celebrity to do this. Britney Spears owns a house in California with a three-hole course in the backyard, and NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick has an exact replica of the 12th hole at Augusta National behind his dwelling.

This is not even the first time Wahlberg has customized his house based on his sport of choice at the time. Back when the actor was training for the movie The Fighter, he installed a full-scale, pro-style boxing gym adjacent to his Beverly Hills mansion.

What might Wahlberg do if he ever takes up skydiving or mountain climbing? What if his interests move beyond sports and into something like space travel? If he has neighbors, they might have concerns about that.

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