Max Homa Apr 4, 2023; Augusta, Georgia, USA; Max Homa walks the no. 7 green during a practice round for The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Katie Goodale-USA TODAY Network

Max Homa’s life is good.

His words, not mine. Sure, he’s won several PGA championships, but some of those tournament wins weren’t life-changing for him. Nonetheless, he’s made a name for himself in the golf world because of those wins on the greens.

As far as the equipment goes that he possesses in his bag contributes to that success, the standards apply, but there are a couple of quirky additions that only Homa has.

One of the usual finds of any golfer on the PGA Tour is a 21-degree 7-wood. It’s no different for Homa. The club has the ability to create height on a shot but fall so delicately on the green. It’s become the go-to weapon for many.

According to’s Jonathan Wall, Homa’s bag has custom creations fit his personality and personal life. One of the putter covers has a purple and yellow color scheme to rep his favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Homa even said the late Kobe Bryant’s message on fearing being a great motivator contributed to his success.

Another cover for Homa is dedicated to his dog, Scotty.


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Homa, and his wife, Lacey, welcomed their son, Cam in October. Homa’s wearing that new title proudly with a dedication to him, stamped on his wedges.

Max Homa wedges

A few of Homa’s unique touches to match his personality.


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