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Max Homa has lived many lives during his journey to becoming a top-10 golfer in the world. Going from being unknown to the top of the game has given the 32-year-old perspective on the modifications the PGA Tour plans to implement.

“I love the new changes,” Homa told the media on Wednesday in the Arnold Palmer Invitational press room, including’s James Colgan.

The changes Homa is referring to, sent in a memo to PGA Tour members on Wednesday, include eight designated events in 2024 and beyond with fields between 70 to 80 players and no cuts.

Now, this isn’t new to the Association as something similar has been done in the past, but it is on the heels of the new LIV Golf league which had already been using this format since its inaugural season in 2022.

Homa said he could go on about the subject for a while. He did just that.

“The product is important,” Homa continued. “I think it’s easy to frame these changes as a way to put more money in the top players’ pockets. But it has been made to make it easier and more fun for the fans. I know it’s low-hanging fruit to jump on, ‘Oh, this is just a money grab.’ This is to make it better for the fans. It is a guarantee on who will be at events and leaning more on the more there.”

If you’ve been watching Netflix’s “Full Swing” documentary about the PGA Tour (and you should), you’re able to get a glimpse into the LIV Golf world. Former No. 1 golfer in the world Dustin Johnson left the PGA Tour to join the new league and said he noticed fans really enjoying it. Between the music and the format, he appeared happy with his decision. The money didn’t hurt, of course.

The lack of cuts will create better, exciting matchups Homa said.

“It is more opportunity for the top players to battle it out late on Sundays,” Homa said. “Which, you look back at times of Phil and Tiger, the two best players growing up for me watching, and they had like maybe two real battles. So we’re going to have more of that.”

“The non-designated events are the same purses with, on paper, weaker fields,” Homa says. “There’s a lot of room for growth throughout that. You can play your way into the designated events.”

Homa from the beginning said he wanted golf to grow and was ready to embrace the changes as the game transitions. His presence on social media makes him an approachable athlete and one you want to watch and root for.

The ultimate goal.

Homa finished his rant seemingly out of breath, but with a big smile on his face.


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