Tony Finau is a rising star in golf, and he’s playing his first Masters this week. Ranked #34 in the world, Finau is one of the more legitimate debut competitors on the week.

He was clearly striking the ball well, too, as he took part in the annual Par 3 contest this afternoon, as evidenced by this hole-in-one. But what happened after is not what you want to see ahead of your first Masters round:

That looked really bad, especially the step after the initial roll, when he clearly couldn’t put any weight on it. Weirdly, it looks like he pops it back into place while he’s laying on the ground, before getting back up and walking it off. That’s not a normal thing:

Finau did stay out there and continued to play, which is on the surface a good sign:

Then again, it’s possible that he’s going to wish he’d have just gone straight to getting treatment, if it starts swelling. It’s tough to tell, obviously, especially without a medical degree, but what an unfortunate thing either way. Hopefully Finau is fine, and plays well this week in what should be the first of many Masters. And maybe save the celebrations until after the tournament.

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