Paige Spiranac Celebrity Chefs and Friends golf tournament benefiting City Harvest is held at Alpine Country Club in Demarest on October 25, 2021. Former professional golfer Paige Spiranac.

Ever since the Masters, the pace of play has been a huge point of discussion for those in the golf world.

It’s also been a huge point of contention, as golfers like Patrick Cantlay and Viktor Hovland have received a huge amount of flak for their slow pace of play. Brooks Koepka seemed to call out the pair, stating that the group in front of him and Jon Rahm was “brutally slow.” Cantlay has since pushed back on that criticism, but the point remains and many people have decided to weigh in on the ongoing issue.

Former professional golfer and current social media influencer, Paige Spiranac, weighed in on the pace of play debate on her Twitter page recently. Spiranac had a blunt message, stating that “40 seconds is a long time,” before offering more perspective in a minute-long video.

“Honestly, I’ve seen paint dry faster than that round was finished,” Spiranac said. “I’m not gonna call out just one individual, because I do think this is a larger problem. And the rebuttal, ‘But they’re playing for a major, it’s a lot of money, so they should take their time.’ Look at any other sport. They’re not just gonna extend the time because you’re playing for a championship. Can you imagine if Michael Jordan was just dribbling away and they were like, ‘It’s OK guys, this is for a championship and a whole lot of money. Just give him some time. Give him some time.’

“A golfer has 40 seconds to hit their shot and if they don’t do so in the allotted time, they should be penalized. Slow play is unsportsmanlike and a form of cheating. I don’t understand how this is not fixed yet. It’s easy! Penalize ’em if they don’t hit it in 40 seconds. That’s it.”

Until something changes, it seems like the conversation isn’t going away anytime soon. Spiranac has certainly made her feelings known on the current pace of play in the sport, one way or another.

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