Patrick Reed is a fiery athlete, which makes him incredibly fiery for a golfer.

Perhaps most memorably, he shushed the heckling European crowd at the 2014 Ryder Cup. A fan heckled Reed on the first tee about a missed putt the day before:

That’s a pretty solid jab, to be honest, delivered in a perfectly Irish way.

Reed got his revenge later, after he drained a key birdie putt:

Patrick Reed, baby.

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That’s so good, even though the USA went on to lose the event.

Currently Reed is trying to make the 2016 Ryder Cup team. He’s just one shot back of Rickie Fowler heading into Sunday at the Barclays, contested this year at Bethpage Black in New York. As the event is in New York and sponsored by a financial institution, Reed was invited to ring the closing bell on Tuesday. It did not go according to plan:

(Won’t make a “Fore!” joke won’t make a “Fore!” joke)

Here’s Reed with the body of his victim:

Twitter, predictably, had a lot of fun with it:

The best thing about the gif version is checking out the reactions. The woman on the left in blue seems like she’s genuinely panicked for a moment. The guy standing just to Reed’s left, meanwhile, is obviously super excited to see what happens.

And, as with anything golf-related, it’s always better with tracing graphics:

That’s fantastic stuff. Hopefully Reed brings that level of destruction to Hazeltine for the Ryder Cup. He’ll tee off today in the final pairing with Rickie Fowler as both men try to seal their place on the team, and solidify their chances at the $10 million FedEx Cup prize as well.

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