PGA Tour cheating scandal Sep 2, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; A view of the flag stick during the first round of the Tour Championship golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

While the masses paid attention to the 2023 Open Championship last week, a cheating scandal hit the PGA Tour.

Controversy emerged at last week’s Ottawa Open, and the PGA Tour Canada is investigating claims that a golfer fudged his scores. And as it turns out, the suspected golfer in question confessed to the accusations.

Golfer Justin Doeden, a 28-year-old golfer from Minnesota, made his confession on Twitter. “I am here to confess of the biggest mistake I have made in my life to date,” Doeden said. “I cheated in golf. This is not who I am. I let my sponsors down. I let my competitors down. I let my family down. I let myself down. I pray for your forgiveness. John 1:9 @acaseofthegolf1,” Doeden tweeted.

The University of Minnesota alum had been accused of not accounting for stroke penalties he earned on the course. wrote of the accusations:

“According to a report from Ryan French of Monday Q Info, the incident involved a 28-year-old pro named Justin Doeden and his score on the par-5 18th hole during the second round at Eagle Creek Golf Club. As French was told by witnesses, Doeden hit his second shot into the water on the finishing hole. He took a penalty stroke and dropped for his fourth shot before his next swing landed in a greenside bunker. From there, Doeden failed to get up-and-down, finishing with a double-bogey 7.

“But when scores were posted later that afternoon, French reported, Doeden’s card showed he’d made a 5 on the hole. With a par instead of double bogey, Doeden’s posted 36-hole total of three under would’ve been one shot inside the cut line.”

Obviously, the fact that Doeden owned up to the crimes probably helps his perception out, at least. While cheating on the golf course is a big no-no, he at least was eventually honest about the situation.

Doeden recently took home a $17,600 purse in the 2023 Bupa Tour Championship following a PT2 finish in the event.

Reactions poured out after the news of the PGA Tour Canada cheating scandal emerged over the weekend.


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