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There will be no cooperation between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, at least for now.

LIV Golf — which is backed by the Saudi government — is set to have its first tournament in London in June. While there was a thought that the PGA Tour might grant a waiver for its players to play in it, Eamon Lynch of Golfweek reported that will not be the case.

“The PGA Tour has denied its members permission to play in the Saudi-funded golf tournament in London next month,” Lynch reported. “The denials were sent to players who had sought permission late Tuesday afternoon…It had been expected that the PGA Tour would grant waivers for the LIV Golf Invitational event near London because of a precedent allowing players limited releases for overseas events. (All members are required to seek a conflicting event release to compete in non-Tour events.)”

This brought several different reactions from fans of golf. Some were happy about the PGA Tour’s decision.

Others were a little less enthused about the PGA Tour’s stance.

A more pervasive sentiment is that this is just one element of what will be an ugly fight.

LIV Golf has been a heavy topic of conversation throughout the golf season. Phil Mickelson has previously voiced his displeasure with the PGA Tour, made controversial comments about LIV Golf (and the Saudi government in general), which prompted a long leave of absence that included missing the Masters.

But Mickelson has hardly been alone. Sergio Garcia made a barely veiled reference to LIV Golf after getting an unfavorable ruling during a PGA Tour event. Greg Norman, LIV Golf’s CEO has linked Bubba Watson, though that was later refuted. Other players, such as Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, have been outwardly supportive of the PGA Tour.

This will indeed be a battle and the smart money says that it will not be a short one.

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