There was once a famous PGA Tour ad campaign with the tagline “These guys are good.”

And yes, they certainly are. But sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder of just how good they are, beyond the excellence we normally see in tournament play. Some pros gave fans a taste of that this weekend, playing a 200-yard par 3 hole with their putters.

Naturally, everyone was able to hit the green in one, including star Phil Mickelson. However, his wasn’t even the most impressive effort:

Marc Warren set the pace with a shot that settled within 27 feet of the hole. Richie Ramsey topped him with a shot landing 12 feet out from the cup. And Russell Knox took home the win with a masterful shot that rolled within 9 feet of the hole. 

You can see all the action unfold in this video:

Perhaps the best part is watching professional golfers duff shots off the tee like the rest of us, only to get so mad they toss aside their putters in frustration.

Really guys? You’re teeing off on a 200-yard par 3 with a freaking putter. What did you expect to happen?

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