Rickie Fowler Jan 19, 2023; La Quinta, California, USA; Rickie Fowler (right) and caddie caddie Ricky Romano look on during the first round of The American Express golf tournament at La Quinta Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

It truly goes down in the DMs, so they say.

That’s exactly the case for Ricky Romano who got a job as Rickie Fowler’s caddie by sending him a direct message on Instagram.

Yep, apparently it’s that easy.

On the latest episode of the Subpar Podcast, Romano detailed how he got the prestigious job.

“[Rickie and I] always had a relationship and always had lots of respect for each other,” Romano said. “I have always respected his game and always known he’s going to do great things.”

Fowler had just parted ways with his longtime caddie Joe Skovron. That was around the time Skovron received a text from Romano asking about his current plans.

“I texted [Skovron] and asked him a question about like, ‘Hey, are you going to be in town this day, or are we going to play golf?’ It was something to that extent,” Romano said on the podcast. “And he goes, ‘Actually, Rick and I, we just split.’ He goes, ‘I recommended you for the job when I left.’ He goes, ‘Do with it what you will. Whenever you want to call Rickie or just want to leave it alone.’ Really cool thing for Joe to do.”

Skovron, who now caddies for Tom Kim, and Romano are close — more like family than friends, so the recommendation was a strong one.

Still, Romano texted Fowler, but didn’t hear anything back.

So he tried again two months later.

“I’ll never forget it. I was in an LA Fitness, I was working out one morning and something told me to like send another message,” Romano said. “Like just say, ‘Hey, have you found a caddie? Have you thought about it? Just can you give me something?’ So I saw he was on Instagram. I sent him a direct message on Instagram, and two minutes later he called me. We talked for like 10-15 minutes and just kind of caught up, and then he offered me the job.”

The rest is history.

Sometimes it just takes a follow-up.


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