No golfer has been as popular with the galleries at the British Open as Rory McIlroy. One young fan at St. Andrews made his affinity for McIlroy clear.

For much of Sunday, a McIlroy victory seemed to be all but a foregone conclusion. He led throughout the first nine, often by more than one shot. Then, things changed. Cameron Smith got ridiculously hot, making five straight birdies. By the time that McIlroy got to the 16th tee, he was no longer in control, trailing Smith by a shot.

Despite that, a kid who was following McIlroy was not giving up. And while McIlroy was teeing off on the 16th hole, his young fan was doing everything he could to help his favorite golfer. He crossed his fingers on both hands while McIlroy was teeing off, then quickly celebrated McIlroy’s successful tee shot.

If that doesn’t make you smitle, we don’t know what will.

That young fan earned himself a lot of new fans, who were also pulling for McIlroy to prevail.

This kid is definitely going to be one of the stars of the week. And if McIlroy didn’t notice his young fan cheering for him when he was on the 16th tee, we hope that he sees it at some point.

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