Rory McIlroy is not preparing to sit out of the Olympics just yet because of the Zika virus, but the thought has crossed his mind.

Among the growing list of concerns for those planning to travel to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer is the ongoing battle with the Zika virus, which is creating a panic just about everywhere for some. McIlroy is exactly afraid of attending the Olympics, but he is keeping close tabs on the coverage of the virus as the games draw near.

“As it gets closer I am relishing the thought of going down there and competing for gold,” McIlroy said in a BBC report. “But I have been reading a lot of reports about Zika and there have been some articles coming out saying that it might be worse than they’re saying and I have to monitor that situation.”

He is not alone, of course. Major League Baseball opted to cancel a series of game sin Puerto Rico amid growing concerns about the Zika virus, for example. And it is not exactly as though Rio de Janeiro is instilling a lot of confidence when it comes to health concerns for those planning to attend the Olympics, whether as a spectator or an athlete.

Things can still improve, but time is really starting to run short. McIlroy may end up still competing for an Olympic medal, but he is not above backing out if he feels his health or the health of his family will be at risk.


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