Scottie Scheffler walks onto the 10th tee during the second round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Valhalla Golf Club. Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy knows an opportunity when he sees one.

The controversial owner of Barstool watched the fallout from Scottie Scheffler’s shocking arrest Friday morning before his round at the 2024 PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

While many wondered what the heck Scheffler was thinking or how this would affect his play this weekend, Portnoy saw a financial opportunity unfolding before his eyes.

“I’ve got reports that you’ve put $50,000 to bet on Scheffler to win the PGA Championship,” Stuart Varney said to Portnoy during an appearance on Fox Business’s Varney & Co. “Is that right?”

“Well yeah, he’s my guy, Stuart. He’s made me millions and I’m a foxhole guy. When the chips are down you can expect Dave Portnoy to have your back,” he responded. “When I heard the news, I jumped right on DraftKings, put in 50 grand. The odds are up because a lot of people are saying you can’t win the PGA Championship when you’re in jail, but I knew he’d get out, Stuart, and be ready to roll today.”

Varney notes the seriousness of the charges against Scheffler but Portnoy refused to back off his support.

“That’s garbage,” said Portnoy. “They’re saying it’s a miscommunication. Listen, cops have a very difficult job. There’s obviously a tragic incident there. This probably would have been the one time in the history of times where a guy can say he ‘Do you know who I am?’ He’s on the driveway to the golf course. The cops clearly had no idea who he was. I would think they’d be a little more informed when there’s a major tournament and 9,000 people around.”

Portnoy said that while he didn’t think Scheffler should have been arrested, he’s glad that Barstool will be able to put it on a t-shirt “and make a profit.”

[Dave Portnoy/Varney & Co.]

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