Defending Masters champion Sergio Garcia had a literal all-time worst hole at Augusta on Thursday. Entering the par-5 15th hole, Garcia was +2 and still within sight of the lead. Garcia went for the green in two and found the water, which isn’t that unusual.

The next four shots, though? Very unusual. Never go full Tin Cup.


Factoring in his second shot, that was five straight balls into the water on one hole for Garcia. He was also probably running low on balls, which meant there was a nonzero chance the defending Masters champion would be disqualified standing in the fairway on Thursday. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that:

It’s tough, because most of those shots aren’t bad; it’s not like Garcia was spraying it wildly. He just caught the wrong slope with too much spin on multiple occasions, and the Thursday pin location is not kind to those shots.

And then hey, Sergio technically got up and down! For an octuple-bogey 13, sure, but still:

And just like that, we’re pretty much guaranteed to get a new champion this year. Sergio is also pretty much guaranteed to miss the cut, meaning he’ll have to hang around Augusta all weekend to put the green jacket on someone who didn’t make a 13 on one hole this week.

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