All eyes have been on Tiger Woods at the 2022 Masters Tournament so far. Between his near hole-in-one and an unfortunate hot mic incident, all of the attention of the golf world is on him. That also means that anyone standing close to Woods at any particular moment is going to get noticed as well.

That’s what happened for one intrepid Masters fan who walked the green next to Tiger at one point with an impressive number of beverage cups in his hand.

Naturally, audiences at home took note.

That’s about a dozen cups in that guy’s hand. Maybe 14? Presumably, the color coding tells us about the beverage types held within. Based on what many have said, the dark green cups are likely imported beers and the light green cups are domestic beers. If that’s the case, this gentleman is certainly making the most of his Masters’ moment.

Golf fans on social media were more than happy to shower the man with accolades, as well as show some concern for his hydration levels on a hot Georgia day.

Tiger Woods is back and so is this guy. But while it’s going to be easy to spot Tiger and his pink shirt throughout the day, someone needs to keep an eye on our beer enthusiast here. At the very least, make sure he’s got a golf cart ride home lined up.

[Bunkie Perkins]

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