There are still a lot of players on the course completing their third round at Carnoustie, but unless someone at the top of the leaderboard goes absolutely nuts, Tiger Woods is going to be very much in the mix on Sunday.

That wasn’t really expected coming into Saturday, when Tiger started the day at even par and six shots off the lead. But Tiger made three birdies and no bogeys on the front nine, then started off the back with three birdies in five holes, his final birdie on 14 moving him to -6 for the day and the tournament, and tying him for the lead.

Woods would give a shot back on 16, and then on 18 Tiger’s tee shot was inches from disaster:

The relevant replays, showing just how close that came to sinking Tiger’s hopes, and those of NBC executives:

But having found the grass, Woods laid up out of the tall stuff and gave himself a wedge in, which proved wise:

And that’s a 66. Woods might need another very low round tomorrow to have a chance, and he probably needs whoever eventually ends up ahead today to fall back a bit as well, but both of those things are very, very possible.

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  1. he HAD a chance but crapped out on the back 9 so what else is new in eldrick world?

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