Tiger Woods

The holiday season is full of traditions, and each family has its own set of traditions. Apparently, Tiger Woods has a tradition in which he poses like the baddest mother effin’ Santa possible.

Woods shared an image of himself on Twitter in which he is seen with no shirt on with a Santa wig and a black Raiders cap. Considering his recent choice of facial hair, this all makes for one bad ass Santa, one you do NOT want to mess with.

So, what exactly is the tradition here? Is it simply posing in a tough guy stance without a shirt on and a Santa wig and black hat? I don’t like stepping on another family’s traditions, because that is what makes the holiday season special in each family’s own unique ways, but I cannot help but want more information on this particular tradition.

At the same time, I imagine there are plenty of folks out there thankful this holiday season that their dads do not have the same traditions to share, especially on Twitter.

Naturally, the internet had some fun with the picture of Woods.

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