Tiger Woods Tiger Woods at the 2023 Masters at Augusta National Golf Club.

He’s back.

Tiger Woods made his return at the Hero World Challenge, which concluded on Sunday. While the results didn’t match up with what we’re used to seeing as he wasn’t in the mix during each round, he was happy with how his body reacted.

“I still have game, it’s whether or not the body can do it or not,” he said, via CNN. “I’m pleasantly surprised with how I’ve recovered every day. Like I said, the ankle is fine. I’m a bit sore in other parts, but that’s ok.”

The major worry for Woods in his leg wasn’t specifically in his right ankle, but in the other parts that he had to compensate for. He even said there was still pain in his leg.

“I’m very excited how the week’s turned out,” he added.

Woods was seen limping during The Masters in April causing him to withdraw from the tournament. A few days after he pulled out, he underwent a subtalar fusion to help alleviate the pain that occurred following previous surgeries.

The Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas was the legendary golfer’s first tournament since that withdraw.

“Just like I said to you guys on Tuesday, I’m curious … what this is going to look like,” Woods said, via AP Sports.”I haven’t done it in a while — I haven’t done it with my ankle the way it is now and I was excited each and every day to kind of get through it and kind of start piecing rounds together again. I haven’t done this in a long time so it was fun to feel that again.”

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