Tiger Woods at Genesis Invitational Feb 15, 2024; Pacific Palisades, California, USA; Tiger Woods on the twelfth hole during the first round of The Genesis Invitational golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in all of the news concerning Scottie Scheffler is that Tiger Woods missed the cut for the PGA Championship.

Woods got off to a good start on Thursday and hit an incredible shot Friday that he almost made an eagle on, but he finished tied for 133rd and missed the cut.

He wasn’t the only big name to miss the cut but he was probably the biggest, which leads to the question. Is it time for Tiger to retire?

Tiger hasn’t really been himself since his last accident and he can barely get around the golf course anymore. Not only that, he really hasn’t played much on the tour regularly in years unless it’s a major, which probably hurts his game too.

Look, we all know Tiger will probably go down as the greatest golfer of all time even if he doesn’t break Jack Nicholas’s majors record.

Tiger’s dominance over the years has been legendary but watching him trying to compete for a championship now is almost too painful to watch.

You can see how much effort it takes for him to even get up out of a golf cart and get to a tee. This is a man who at one point would wrap up a major by Saturday afternoon.

Previously, it wasn’t a question of if Tiger would win, but by how many strokes. Now, at the age of 48, he looks old and defeated and a shadow of his former self.

Even fans are wondering out loud if is it time for him to call it a career. At this point in his life, what does Tiger have to prove?

He’s won 15 majors, a lot of them in dominant fashion, and not only changed the world of golf but in the process, made himself the richest player in the game.

Heck, Tiger dominated Augusta National so much that the home of The Masters changed its course because of him, many said they “Tiger Proofed” the course. That’s how good he was back in the day.

This is not LeBron James who is still at the top of his game at age 40, Tiger is 48 years old and is struggling to make the cut at a major nowadays and it’s sad to watch.

He still has his moments, but they are few and far between. While most of us remember the old Tiger with his red sweater strolling on the golf course at Augusta National, younger people will only remember this Tiger, old, worn out, and literally on his last legs.

Tiger’s legacy will be unmatched and unparalleled by anyone playing today and he has nothing to prove. His next move may be to help his son Charlie.

Charlie Woods appears to be on his way to being a great golfer like his dad and maybe Woods’s legacy can continue through his son but at this point, Tiger may just need to retire and enjoy the rest of his life and teach his son.

There is nothing for him to gain by playing just a few times a year especially when you know your legacy is cemented.

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