Jerome Bettis was never blessed with the traditional running back build. He was always more of a downhill bruiser. Judging by his golf swing at the American Century Championship, you can say the same things about his golf swing.

Our friends over at The Cauldron caught Bettis’s golf swing in motion. Though it’s more like stop-motion. Like if the people who made the old claymation Rudolph Christmas special made a golf-themed horror movie.

Bettis may be a pro football legend, but his golf swing leaves some room for improvement. Maybe he should stop taking advice from Charles Barkley. Sir Charles has long been the king of athletes with horrendous golf swings, but what do you think? Has The Bus dethroned him?

The important thing to remember is to have fun. As long as guys like Bettis and Barkley are having a good time on the links, then who cares how their swing looks? That said, if you’re a serious golfer, it’s still incredibly painful to watch.

[The Cauldron]

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