Deshaun Watson has been the talk of the NFL offseason for a number of different reasons.

It was always expected that Watson was going to be traded at some point from the Houston Texans, but the Cleveland Browns shocked everyone by swooping in and trading for the three-time Pro Bowler, leaving former starting quarterback Baker Mayfield in a precarious situation with the Browns organization.

Watson still has 22 pending civil cases against him from massage therapists that are accusing Watson of sexual misconduct, as well as a pending investigation from the NFL which could loom large for the Browns this upcoming season.

Reports have emerged on Friday that “several” of the women who have cases against Watson have been interviewed by HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, and those interviews are set to air next Tuesday.

According to a press release from HBO, the women “detail the alleged abuse they are suffering and share their reactions to Watson’s $230 million contract with the Browns.”

This news has many fans believing that this interview could play a factor into the NFL’s decision regarding their own investigation and whether or not Watson will be suspended for any portion of next year.

While the NFL likely has already spoken to these women regarding their accounts of what happened, it may put pressure on them in the public eye to bring a potentially harsher punishment for Watson.

The Browns could definitely be one of the best teams in the NFL heading into next season, but Watson’s looming investigation brings a big question mark along with the team this NFL offseason.

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