The Indianapolis Colts were on HBO’s first edition of Hard Knocks In Season last year, a spin-off of the original Hard Knocks, a documentary series that follows one NFL team throughout their training camp.

It was certainly a very good start to the series when it comes to suspense and entertainment, especially towards the end of the season. The show captured the Colts preparation for their last game of the season, which was a “win and in” scenario against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Indianapolis lost that game, leaving them outside of the playoffs and ultimately resulting in a number of huge changes around the franchise, including trading quarterback Carson Wentz this offseason.

We’ll find out if the second season can live up to that drama.

HBO has announced the team that will be covered for this year’s edition of the series on Monday. The Arizona Cardinals will be the featured team in the series for the upcoming 2022-23 NFL season.

The topic was discussed this morning on The Pat McAfee Show, where McAfee detailed that he believes the Cardinals are a great choice and should be must-watch television throughout the majority of the season.

“There are a lot of great storylines over there. Obviously Cliff Kingsbury cool dude, Steve Keim the GM seems to be a cool dude. They bring in Hollywood Brown, D-Hop, A.J Green. What’s the Kyler Murray situation gonna be? J.J. Watt is over there, a walking, talking motivational speech happening over there. Budda Baker is a stud. This is amazing. This is a home run for the NFL.”

“This is a team that will have s–t to play for at the end of the year too. Hopefully they make the playoffs as opposed to the Colts, who lost to clown town and didn’t make the playoffs.”

The Cardinals should certainly be a lot of fun, with interesting personalities across the board to follow.

They recently picked up quarterback Kyler Murray’s fifth-year option, which will keep him in Arizona, but there are certainly still questions about his long-term viability after he previously deleted all traces of Cardinals-related pictures and links on his social media for a short period this offseason.

J.J. Watt should also provide some hilarious speeches throughout, and the series may also provide some extra heat on Kingsbury’s job security if this season doesn’t go to plan for the Cardinals. Regardless, we will see how it plays out when the series takes place this fall on HBO.

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