We’ve seen a lot of half-court shots over the years, as well as some two-thirds-court shots and even some three-quarters-court shots. So when it comes to long-range buzzer-beaters, it takes a lot to stand out.

Well, how about a full-court buzzer-beater?

New Fairfield High School in Connecticut was trailing by three points with no more than a second left on the clock when Brett Tenaglia grabbed a rebound off a missed free throw and…


It’s hardly even possible to hit a buzzer-beater from any farther. If you were deeper under the basket you’d risk hitting your own backboard, and if you were in the corner… well why would you be in the corner?

High school courts are a little smaller than college and professional ones, so someone at a higher level could make (and probably has already made) a shot from a little farther. But when you factor in the score and situation and the fact that Tenaglia appears to be about 5-foot-10, this shot is pretty darn hard to top.


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