Bronny James

Bronny James is a four-star college basketball prospect with a five-star name. After all, not many college basketball recruits of any star level are the son of the best basketball player in the world.

But James‘ relationship to his father, Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James, was always destined to complicate the recruiting process for college coaches. Some are reacting worse than others.

Recently, an anonymous college coach trashed the effort required to recruit the younger James while speaking to Legion Hoops.

“I tried to get involved, but you had to jump through a thousand hoops just to get to the mom…” the coach said. “You’re not allowed to talk to the kid. You have to schedule a time on Tuesday or Thursday with the publicist just to talk to the mom.”

James is reportedly down to three schools: the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Oregon Ducks, and the USC Trojans. His father is a Buckeyes fan with a well-known connection to the university. Recruiting experts, however, generally predict James will commit to the Trojans to stay in Los Angeles close to his father.

The NBA and college men’s basketball world was quick to react to the coach’s take:

James has yet to comment on the report.

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