high school football fan incident

High school football is known to be taken very seriously in Texas, but it appears that one school needs to take its security far more seriously after a fan incident in San Antonio.

The incident occurred in a matchup between the San Antonio Marshall Rams and San Antonio Churchill back in October.

The video shows two fans running on the field without any confrontation by any security at the stadium, and tapping a referee on the back before quickly running off the field.

It doesn’t seem like there was even any security in attendance for the game, as the fans seemingly got away without any repercussions.

The creator of the video, a Twitter account by the name of “@Mrbowtie1982” also detailed that NEISD Athletic Director Kelly Parker & NEISD Superintendent Sean Maika did not return calls or emails for an interview on how this event occurred, or if there was any security and the game.

Luckily the fans didn’t do anything all that seriously to the official, but it certainly seems like they could have if they wished to do so without security dealing with the situation.

The lack of security could certainly be dangerous to not only officials but also coaches and players at this school

[Mr. Bowtie’s Texas High School Sports Machine on Twitter]

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