Baseball dad

Supporting your child as they compete in high school sports is one thing, but one parent appears to have taken things way too far during his son’s high school baseball game last month.

Following an argument with an umpire during his son’s game, 41-year-old Jorge Gonzalez approached the umpire between innings and punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

While this sort of action is absolutely unacceptable in any scenario, it was especially horrific in this case as a sheriff told WEAR News ABC 3 that the umpire was a 63-year-old disabled military veteran.

“He said he was defending his kid,” Sheriff Lopez said of the encounter, according to ABC 3. “That’s no the way to defend your kid, there’s no reason for him to be acting this way. No parent should act like this in public.”

Gonzalez was arrested Wednesday and charged with battery on a sports official and disruption of a school function. He was released on a $1,500 bond on Thursday and will now face the charges in court.

Obviously, Gonzalez will likely have a hard time fighting these charges in court with the video evidence now going viral all over social media. It’s also safe to say that he won’t be welcome at any future high school games.