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There have been a lot of stories in recent years about Little League and youth baseball umpires having to deal with unruly parents and out-of-control coaches.

There was yet another instance captured on video that spread on social media last week.

Originally shared on Facebook, a video emerged that showed a coach and umpire getting into a heated argument that soon escalated into a fight that culminated with both men on the ground.

“A mom shared on FB a 11u Grandslam Tournament in Calera, AL today!,” wrote That Sports Dad on Twitter. “See this more&more each week! Kids see this & next week they’ll be going after each like the coach. What should happen to the coach?”

The reactions to the ugly incident were pretty strong.

“Bunch of damn idiots. These fools need to start getting arrested!” said one Twitter user.

“Everyone thinks they can coach! It’s sad to see how many clueless men coach these young kids. Credit to all the coaches men and women who do it the right way. Thank you for your time and care. It’s not easy at times. This guy should be in JAIL,” said another.

“There’s no place for that in youth sports. Doesn’t matter if it’s a travel ball team. He has no place to be teaching those kids,” said one fan.

“Should all be banned for life,” said a Twitter user.

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