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Police are investigating allegations of a racist incident that took place at a high school basketball playoff game in Muskego, Wisconsin.

Coaches and parents of Beloit Memorial High School have called out racist behavior by students at Muskego High School against their own.

Beloit Memorial basketball players found drawings of swastikas, the N-word, and the word “monkey” in dust in their locker room.

“It was obvious racism,” said Tanya Karl, the mother of a Beloit basketball player. “It was obvious that they were trying to intimidate our boys by making them feel smaller. It was appalling that my kid in the locker room — the stuff that was written there, the words they were saying, the chanting they were doing, the monkey sounds they were making.”

Karl added that members of the Muskego student section were dressed in ski masks, tank tops, and pajama pants, which she and other parents felt was racially motivated.

“This is 2023. They were chanting the N-word and ‘monkey,’ and they were making monkey noises,” said Karl.

Todd Marks, Beloit Memorial High School’s head boy’s basketball coach, said what he saw and heard during the game was “disturbing” and “unsettling.”

“It just felt like it was all orchestrated. I think that’s what’s so troubling,” said Marks. “It wasn’t one isolated incident. It was a combination of things that seemed to accumulate to show that many of these events seemed to be planned. And to see our kids have to deal with that, like I said, it’s very heartbreaking.”

“On Friday night, Muskego High School hosted a competition against Beloit Memorial High School. Following the game’s conclusion, MHS administration received an email from the Athletic Director of Beloit Memorial indicating concerns regarding the theme of the student section and racist images traced in the dust on top of the gymnasium lockers. We were deeply disappointed and saddened by the information shared. Student safety is our number one priority and we work to ensure students have a positive and rewarding experience while competing in a safe environment. We take allegations of this nature very seriously and immediately began the investigation with the support of the Muskego Police Department. The active investigation continues and includes working with the Beloit administrators, interviewing students, reviewing the recorded event and assessing the school environment. Consequences for inappropriate actions will be prompt. We sincerely apologize for all behaviors that occurred that evening which do not represent the values of Muskego High School or the Muskego-Norway community. Furthermore, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to improving processes that will ensure our commitment of providing an environment that meets the expectations of our community and demonstrates respect for others.”

State Sen. Mark Spreitzer, D-Beloit, also released a statement about the situation.

“Beloit students who traveled to Muskego to play a game that they love were instead met with hate, swastikas, and racial slurs,” a written statement from Spreitzer’s office said. “I support the School District of Beloit’s investigation of this incident, and the Muskego-Norway School District must treat this with the seriousness that it deserves. I stand with our students, their families, and our community against racism. Our students deserve better.”

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