Jeremiah Johnson

Over the weekend, youth running back Jeremiah Johnson had a huge performance for his team, winning the 12U MVP honors at the Youth National Championships in Miami. The problem is, the Internet does not believe he’s actually 12 years old due to his appearance.

As shown in a video shared by RHTV, the youth football star has a full mustache and as well as what appears to be multiple tattoos on his right arm. He also appears much bigger than the average 12-year-old with what looks like a receding hairline.

It’s safe to say there aren’t many 12-year-olds who look like that in the youth football circuit. Although massive 14-year-old football player Tyler Parker recently went viral for his stunning appearance, but at least he was in high school!

As a result of his jarring appearance, Jeremiah Johnson’s appearance has gone completely viral since, with nobody seeming to believe that he is actually 12 years old. He looks much more like he belongs on a high school football field. Or even a

“I’m not saying he’s 12 but the way he no-sold the joke and kept looking around is exactly how a 12 year old would do it” Northwest Cee of The Ringer said on Twitter.

“12 in what? Dog years???” content creator Joshua Gresham said on Twitter.

“Twelve years old with a half sleeve. Ok man,” Ebe Time said on Twitter.

“46 at minimum and still drives an Oldsmobile Delta ’88 so he can finish pushing junior through college” one Twitter user said.

Another shared a photo of the famous “I am 12” scene from the movie “Benchwarmers.”

If he is actually 12 years old, he’s an absolutely dominant football player for his age. But if he’s not, it’s safe to say the Internet has caught onto his gimmick.