Jimbo Nowell

High school football can be quite dramatic at times with fans, coaches, and players putting plenty of emotion into the game. But one Mississippi high school coach took it a little too far on Thursday night, resulting in a bloody fight in the stands.

Heidelberg High School head football coach Jimbo Nowell was at a different high school football game on Thursday night scouting from the stands, according to the Vicksburg Daily News. However, as shown in a viral video, the high school coach was doing quite a bit more than just scouting.

During the action, Nowell was loudly trash-talking one of the teams before a fan asked him to stop. Nowell didn’t take too kindly to the fan’s request and the situation escalated from there, resulting in a full-blown fight in the stands which left the high school coach with a bloody face.

(Warning: Graphic language)

“I’ll whoop your a**,” the coach tells the fan in the video.

“Come on out to the parking lot. Whoop my a**,” the fan responds.

As seen in the video, the two didn’t even make it to the parking lot before the fight began. Nowell tried to attack the fan from behind, but the fan quickly turned around and landed several punches right to the Heidelberg coach’s head.

It was a wild scene, and the football world certainly had plenty to say about it.


A photo shows a bloodied Nowell being escorted by security, so it appears the head coach lost the fight and had to leave the game.

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