Buzzer Beater

When you’re down to the wire and you just gotta chuck the ball up there, you do what you’ve got to do. For one middle school basketball player, that meant throwing the ball over his head in a brazen attempt to win the game in the final seconds, which he did!

The game in question was between St. Jude and Visitation Vikings in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Vikings led 28-26 with just seconds remaining when the magic happened. The unidentified St. Jude player takes an inbound pass near midcourt, realizes he’s out of options, and just heaves the ball over his head and into the basket for three points and the victory.

Video of the insane buzzer-beater comes courtesy of ESPN 1530’s CJ Lohmiller, who tweeted it out with a little commentary about the situation.

“Just like it was drawn up! Down 2 with 2 seconds left calls for a back to the basket behind the head heave to win it at the buzzer!” wrote Lohmiller.

“This is it. The craziest game-winning shot in basketball history,” said Jomboy Media.

“You may never see a better game winner in your whole entire life,” said former NBA player Rex Chapman.

“This little fella went to plan B immediately and fully committed to it,” said CBS Radio’s Chris Mueller.

All we know is, if this kid ever challenges us to a game of H-O-R-S-E, we are politely declining.

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