A high school softball team has gone viral for all the wrong reasons as the Texas University Interscholastic League is investigating an incident that occurred at a high school playoff softball game over the weekend after a viral video showed a catcher hitting opposing batters in the head with throws.

As the now-viral videos show, the catcher threw the ball right at the face of an opposing batter not once, but twice throughout the game. In both situations, the fielder on third base did not even appear prepared for the catcher to throw the ball.

“A viral incident at McCamey’s playoff game against Cisco this weekend… the McCamey catcher is seen throwing the ball at the Cisco batter. This happened twice during the game (see below). We’ve reach out to UIL and McCamey ISD for comment,” Kayler Smith of KMID said in a tweet.

The Texas University Interscholastic League told KMID in a statement that it “is aware of an incident that occurred during the McCamey vs. Cisco Softball Playoff Series and is in contact with the school administrations to gather additional information.”

Making matters worse, this is not the first time this has happened, either. In an earlier playoff game, the catcher allegedly hit a batter in the head with a throw twice, according to “Coleman Today.”

[Kayler Smith]