Tempers flare on the football field. That’s not anything new. And considering that even professional athletes can fall victim to immature impulses, it should come as no surprise that high school kids can too.

But sometimes, as with this video from Tennessee, things can go too far:

That’s a Sevier County player doing the slamming, and considering they ended up losing 42-24, maybe the frustration is more predictable. According to the Knoxville News-Sentinel, the offending player was ejected:

A Sevier County football player was ejected during Friday night’s 42-24 loss to Gibbs.

Gibbs athletic director Jeff Thomas said the player was not injured. He said he landed on his “butt and part of his back.”

“He was just underneath him,” Thomas said after the game. “He was lucky he didn’t land on his head. He was just on his back and bottom.”

Under TSSAA rules, any player ejected from a football game must sit out the next contest. Sevier County coach Tony Linginfelter said his team will stick with the TSSAA policy, when asked about any additional discipline.

“Our defensive end lost his composure and slammed a guy into the ground,” he said.

That’s probably a deserved suspension, all things considered. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, because if the slammed player had ended up landing on his head or neck, that could have been really ugly. (It was a hell of a deadlift, though, credit where it’s due.)

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