A screencap of the video showing a fight on the field between two high school teams in Texas and their fans.

Football is inherently violent, and it’s always a shame to watch teams go outside the rules and fight. That’s exactly what happened Friday night in Dallas, Texas, during a high school football game between the Fort Worth Eastern Hills Highlanders and the Dallas Roosevelt Mustangs.

The Highlanders led the game, 35-12, with six minutes left in the fourth quarter when a quarrel on the field devolved into a full-scale brawl featuring both teams. Fans from both sides were also able to scale the fence and join the fracas.

YouTube user Drew Bartley used his camera to record the brawl from the safety of the stands as police tried to quell the scene:

The fight went on for over two minutes before being cleared. As of now, nobody knows what initially sparked the brawl that resulted in every player from both sides being ejected and the game being called off.

Per University Interscholastic League rules, “any player ejected from a contest is subject to automatic penalty. The automatic penalty is as follows: Ejected player misses the rest of the game in which they were ejected plus the first half of the following game.” Could mean trouble in fielding a team for the next game!

Forth Worth was given the win despite the fight, and that improved the Highlanders’ record to 2-1.

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