Coach in stands

It’s not uncommon for a coach at any level to face some criticism and heckling from the crowd. But it is rather uncommon to see a coach jump into the stands and get physical with a heckler. But that’s exactly what we saw from a Virginia high school girls’ basketball head coach this week.

This week, a shocking video emerged showing Richlands High School girls’ basketball team head coach Tom Rife engaged in an altercation with a spectator.

“Good ole boy network fired coach who was amazing & had the emotional intelligence to control themselves to the bare minimum we expect of our student athletes, & replaced him with this. Our girls deserve better. I expect the immediate termination of head coach Tom Rife,” a Twitter user wrote in a tweet sharing the shocking video.

“We are aware of the incident at the RHS basketball game and while we do not condone any misconduct from our coaches or spectators at this time we are still investigating the actions of all parties involved,” the Tazewell County Board of Education superintendent Dr. Chris Stacy said in a statement on Friday, according to Fox News.

The incident will also be investigated by deputy superintendent Diedra Hill, Richlands High School principal Rickie Vencill and Richlands athletic director Frank Daughtery.

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