Oscar Smith vs. Western Branch blooper A player from Oscar Smith High School in Virginia made a huge blooper on a kickoff during a playoff loss on Friday.

High School football teams around the United States are in the postseason now. As is the case at the college and professional levels, everything is magnified. The great plays feel even greater and the bad plays feel worse. A play happened on Friday that will, unfortunately, put a young man in Virginia in the latter category.

The Oscar Smith Tigers took on the Western Branch Bruins in a game between schools from Chesapeake. In the regular season meeting between the two teams, the Tigers won 2-0. Things were different in the postseason rematch, though, with the Bruins winning 28-14. The tone for the game was set with a tremendous gaffe on the opening kickoff.

Oscar Smith was set to receive the opening kickoff. The kick was short and to the right of the Tigers return man. The ball came to a stop before it went out of bounds. But, seeing several Bruins defenders charging him, the return man decided to let them simply down the ball instead of picking it up. On a punt, this would have been a fine choice. But on a kickoff, the ball is live after it goes 10 yards. So, Western Branch got an easy turnover.

What’s interesting here is that the first two Western Branch players also avoided recovering the ball. Perhaps high school football teams in Virginia need to spend more time on the fundamentals.

High school football plays — both great and bad — get noticed. This one was no exception.

Not long after, Western Branch was in the end zone and led 6-0. The Bruins remained in control for the remainder of the game, leading 14-0 at halftime 21-7 after three quarters and 28-7 in the fourth quarter before the Tigers scored in the final minutes.

[Photo Credit: Larry Rubama]

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