The Southern Section 3AA boy’s basketball title was one for the ages on Friday. Burbank High, which has never won a state title in its 91-year history, was 4.1 seconds away from pulling off the feat before Brentwood sophomore Braelee Albert’s prayer was answered at the buzzer.

Brentwood was down 54-52 with just seconds left on the clock in overtime. Albert received the inbounds pass, made a nifty behind-the-back dribble, and then heaved a wild shot up from behind the arc right before time expired. The play was about as excellently defended as you can get, yet good fortune was on Brentwood’s side:

Burbank had a buzzer beater of its own to send the game to overtime in the first place, a driving, contested layup by Burbank’s Cameron Sweeten to tie things up at 47.

Albert was nearly the goat too. His missed free throws at the end of regulation allowed Burbank to tie things up in the first place, and he missed two free throws with 12.6 seconds left that would’ve tied the game up. Fortunately, for him, his luck changed on his final shot of the season.

Here’s another video that details more of the dramatic lead-up to the epic final shot.

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