youth wrestling punch

A youth wrestling match in Oak Park, Illinois ended in absolute chaos after the losing competitor took things way too far after the match had concluded.

Cooper Corder of SPAR Academy won the match over Maine West High School’s Hafid Alicea. Corder largely dominated the match, winning with a 14-2 score over Alicea.

Alicea, unfortunately, took the loss to heart and made an extremely ill-advised decision.

Corder extended his arm in a show of good sportsmanship in the middle of the mat. Instead, Alicea proceeded to sucker punch him and knock him down to the floor.

According to TMZ, Corder suffered a nose injury and is now wearing a face mask during his future matches. As for Alicea, he has reportedly been issued a citation for assault.

SPAR Academy founder Justin Pearch discussed the altercation with TMZ, where he detailed that Corder is taking the situation well despite the injuries to his nose.

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