An Argonauts' field goal that was called good.

While most field goal attempts are obviously good or obviously not good, there are always some that wind up being pretty close and somewhat of a judgement call. That’s especially true when the ball is hit above the top of the uprights, making it so there’s no chance for an obvious doink. But with all that said, the on-field officials in the Toronto Argonauts-Hamilton Tiger-Cats CFL game Monday were about the only ones who thought the Argos’ end-of-half 40-yard field goal attempt from Boris Bede was good, as the live camera and both replay angles looked like it missed. Here’s footage of that:

And here are some reactions to it:

This also took criticism from the TSN broadcast crew of Rod Smith and Matt Dunigan, and from the CFL on TSN halftime panel. We’ll see if those points wind up being important to the final score.

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