The Loose Moose Tap and Grill in Toronto.

Saturday features one of the most famous annual games in the Canadian Football League, the “Banjo Bowl,” where the Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the Saskatchewan Roughriders on the weekend after Labo(u)r Day. These two teams from adjacent provinces have a fierce rivalry, as you can tell from the game’s name.

It came from a 2003 comment from then-Bombers’ kicker and current Winnipeg radio host Troy Westwood, where he called Saskatchewan fans “banjo-picking inbreds” and then offered the half-apology “the vast majority of the people in Saskatchewan have no idea how to play the banjo.” And this time around, one of the most Canadian animals apparently decided to get in on the festivities around Investors Group Field ahead of the 3 p.m. Eastern kickoff:

And it even disrupted roads around the stadium:

And altered the Bombers’ plans for a pre-kickoff panoramic picture:

Update: We have actual moose photos now!

This is particularly funny when you consider that “The Loose Moose” is a favourite name for bars. There’s a famous (and deservedly so; it’s great) Loose Moose Tap and Grill in Toronto (pictured above) a Loose Moose Canadian Pub in Nicaragua, and others in Wisconsin Dells, Baldwin, PAMillinocket, ME and various Great Wolf Lodge locations. So it’s appropriate that the moose wants to tailgate (no word on if it can play the banjo, though).

Plus, the game broadcast opened with commentators Gord Miller and Matt Dunigan discussing the moose situation, and talking about how the road closure led to many fans arriving late. Miller then issued an iconic line; “Apparently, they’re trying to tranquilize the moose, and it’s not going as quick as they’d hoped.”

Here’s another photo of the suspect:

Komak The Moose, Canada's Olympic mascot.

Sorry, we’ve been informed that this is Komak The Moose, Canada’s Olympic mascot. He’d probably be more fun at a tailgate than an actual moose, though. But hey, a moose would probably be a pretty good lineman. Maybe the Bombers or the Riders should sign it to a deal…

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