A cycling race in London went viral for all the wrong reason this week as the cycling event at the Commonwealth Games was briefly abandoned following a horrific crash that left riders and spectators needing urgent medical attention.

As riders came around a corner during a race, one rider lost his balance while going about 45 miles per hour, resulting in a horrifying chain reaction that sent another rider flying over the barrier and into the crowd along with his bike.

The Dailymail identified the cyclist as Matt Wells of England and reported that he received treatment for more than 40 minutes before being taken away by ambulance. Fellow riders Matt Bostock and Derek Gee were also hospitalized following the crash. All three were treated with no major injuries, according to British Cycling.

Several spectators were also injured in the ordeal. The Dailymail reports that one man received treatment for cuts to his arm, a young girl also received attention,  and another member of the crowd has been taken away in a wheelchair covered in blood – though none of them required hospitalization.

The horrifying crash came just one day after another crash that knocked England cyclist Joe Truman unconscious and sent him to the hospital with a broken collarbone.