Taiwan brawl

The Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan’s premier T1 League have been a team to watch since former NBA star Dwight Howard joined the squad in November.

The Leopards unexpectedly found themselves making international news Tuesday night after a wild brawl broke out in a game against the TaiwanBeer HeroBears.

With Taoyuan leading by 18 and less than a minute remaining in the game, Leopards guard Chen Hsiao-jung had the ball, guarded by the HeroBears Chiang Yu-an. In what appeared to be an inadvertent move, Hsiao-jung elbowed his defender hard in the face.

A brawl immediately broke out, with both benches clearing. HeroBears assistant coach Lin Chieh-ho sent the melee into overdrive when he rushed on the floor and began throwing punches.

Howard, who had already been taken out of the game, stepped into the middle of the fracas and tried to make peace. It didn’t work out for him. Officials ejected Howard, along with 11 other players.

Basketball fans loved the melee, and the fact Howard was there, even if he was not an instigator, seemed to make everything even better.

Howard, an eight-time NBA All-Star who played 18 seasons in the league, signed with Taoyuan in November.


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