Toronto Centre Island's flooded baseball diamond. (Bernard Weil/Toronto Star.)

Much of the Canadian province of Ontario has been hit by heavy rain and floods recently (along with Quebec and British Columbia), and that’s created an interesting situation at a baseball diamond on Toronto’s Centre Island. Namely, the diamond is now a carp pond. There’s about a foot of water on the diamond following last week’s heavy rain, and that’s made it a prime location for spawing carp, which prefer flooded marshy areas. The city doesn’t want to remove them until they’re done spawning. Here’s a video from The Toronto Star:

Here’s another look at the field:

Oh, and guess who’s really worried about the flooding on the island? Not those looking to play baseball, but nudists who were planning to use the area for a Victoria Day (May 22) long weekend gathering this coming weekend, according to the Star‘s Azzura Lalani:

And over by Hanlan’s Point Park, a man claiming to be a nudist said he was very disappointed with the state of the islands.

The nudist, or naturist, community usually has a big gathering during the May long weekend that may have to be moved or postponed because Hanlan’s Point Beach, a clothing optional spot, is partially submerged.

The community is now faced with finding an alternative place to have their gathering, he said.

Well, hey, maybe they can move to the flooded baseball diamond and hang out with the carp. The fish certainly aren’t wearing any clothes.


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