Robertson Daniel

The Calgary Stampeders’ 17-16 win over the Ottawa Redblacks in CFL action Thursday night had plenty of strangeness, including the Redblacks taking a late safety that gave the Stampeders the opportunity to win the game on a field goal. But the strangest moment of all may have come much earlier, when Ottawa quarterback Jonathon Jennings threw a first-quarter interception to Calgary defensive back Robertson Daniel…who, it turns out, was in full Joker facepaint.

Here’s a close-up view of Daniel’s facepaint:

Daniel is in his first season in the CFL after a college career at BYU and NFL stints with the Raiders, Packers, Redskins and Ravens. And he’s already making his mark; this was his third interception in the six games he’s played. Here’s a post-game interview with Daniel, which sadly doesn’t include a question about why he’s wearing this facepaint:

So we still don’t know why Daniel went for this look, but we can add it to the long list of odd things we’ve seen in the CFL. And hey, maybe he just wanted to see the world burn.

[Deadspin; photo from @RussellKP on Twitter]

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