Digital pictures are so easy to take these days. In years of old, we used to have to take a separate camera around with us, we had to fit it out with a spool and remember to carry spares as the spool would only allow us to take so many pictures without running out of space. If that wasn’t enough of a problem, we then had to hand the spool to the developer and hope that the pictures we had taken were going to be of good enough quality and had been taken at the right angle to show the view or the person at their best.

Photographers fared better as they could develop their own pictures and therefore save some money. Technology has allowed us to move on and we take multiple pictures every day, displaying them on all forms of social media. With digital technology, we can take and retake pictures until we are satisfied that we have it just right, but what do we do with all of the pictures that we take? We display some but we keep most of them stored away and many of us have stores of hundreds and hundreds of pictures which represent a timeline of our lives. It makes sense then to consider what we should do with our pictures.

Converting your favourite picture or pictures to canvas is a good way of providing yourself with a permanent and daily reminder of a happy or memorable event. The following article lists some of the reasons that you may want to consider when deciding whether to convert your digital pictures to custom canvas prints.

Making Good Use of Photographs

We all have digital photographs now and often they are stored on our computers or our phones. They sit there unvisited, just taking up space. We think of how we could display them and sometimes we convert them into albums, which is a nice idea for our organisation but again, what usually happens is the album ends up sitting in a cupboard taking up space there, unvisited too. A better use may be to consider picking one or several of your pictures and converting them to canvas. Your pictures can then be displayed anywhere you would see fit. It provides you with a lasting resource on material which will last for many years to come.

Gift or Present

Converting a picture to canvas can make for an excellent gift idea. How many times do we sit and wonder what to buy for a friend or a relative? It is easy to surprise anyone with a canvas picture as people routinely post pictures on social media or you can easily take some pictures using your own camera at many events and gatherings, picking the best one for your canvas. It is easy to have the picture transferred to the canvas and the picture quality is excellent too. It can make for a very unique and treasured gift that can give years of pleasure to the recipient.

Wall Hanging

When you convert your picture to canvas, you are creating a wall hanging or a piece of art which can be used to enhance the decor of your home. Used creatively, you can build in colours to fit with your existing decor. You could even create a wall space in your house to accommodate several of your pictures in this way, giving you a totally unique feature wall which will give you endless years of pleasure. It would, more than likely, also provoke comments and provide a talking point for your family and friends as it allows them a trip down memory lane too. You could even create a timeline of pictures to chart the growth of your family unit.


Having your pictures transferred to canvas provides you with a daily reminder of past events that were enjoyable, meaningful or fun. You can even take some of the prints into your place of work to have a constant daily reminder there as well and so when you are having a troublesome day, you can glance across to your picture or pictures and be reminded of happier times.


If you are a business, you will always be looking for new and different ways of presenting yourself to your customers and keeping your business in the forefront of their minds so that when they decide to use a service such as yours, you can be their go to person. What better way than to convert a photo to canvas. This is where you can become creative, the photo may be of an event that you attended with your client, it may be of a building or it may just represent a meaningful time in your interaction, whatever you choose, your picture can be created so as to display your logo at the base or top of the picture. You could even produce a mailshot for an event like Christmas to your clients instead of the traditional Christmas card. It is not cost onerous to have your picture converted to canvas and it is therefore worth considering as part of a marketing strategy.

Having a digital picture converted to canvas is an extremely cost effective way to create a long lasting and durable memory. Using many of the options available, you can enhance your original photograph, change the background and use many of the features to create a really bespoke picture. You can even choose to make a collage of your favourite times and it is also possible to add text to your picture. Your canvas print will be light enough so as not to require any specialist wall fixings. Sensible care will need to be taken, you should prevent your canvas from becoming moist, so damp, moist atmospheres are not going to be ideal, other than that, to clean your print, you will only need to use a damp cloth now and again to keep it looking good for many years to come.