Everyone has their preferred way of making coffee at home, but what yields the best flavor is always up for debate. Of course, it isn’t only the method of preparation that determines the taste of your coffee, but it does play an important role. The beans you use, whether ground fresh or bought when they’re already pre-ground, as well as the water you use, can all affect the quality of your brew. But for now, let’s concentrate on the different methods of making strong and delicious coffee.

Most people assume that Chemex coffee is tastier than a French press, but is that true? Well, keep reading to discover the most effective methods of brewing coffee at home. Plus, you’ll get to know the cheapest, quickest, and most reliable options available out there.

Drip Coffee Maker

Though it’s considered as an old standby, drip-brewed coffee is pretty delicious. The process of making it is simple. Pour water into your coffee maker’s reservoir and your grounds into the machine’s filter. And once you switch on the machine, the water gets heated and starts flowing through the coffee grounds. This way, a golden liquid is produced, which will keep you moving the whole day.

For those coffee makers who need a fully automated fix, a drip method is an excellent option as it’s highly convenient and easy to use. Imagine waking up to a hot cup of ready-to-drink coffee? Amazing, right? You can always set a timer and forget about everything else. Sleep comfortably knowing that the best coffee is waiting for you!

French Press

While the drip method might be popular for being simple and convenient, utilizing a French press isn’t exactly complex. Pour coarse ground coffee beans into the carafe and add in nearly boiling water. After boiling your water, allow it to cool slightly before you can pour it over the grounds so as to achieve the perfect temperature. Allow the mixture to sit for about 4 minutes and slowly press down the plunger. This will help separate the water from the grounds, leaving you with a tasty drink.

Though it may feel like it’s taking a little longer, the results will surprise you. Since the coffee grounds plus the water stay in contact throughout the process, you get a thicker and more enriched flavor. The oil found in the coffee is completely extracted and the taste is super delicious. In fact, there’s nothing comparable to the sweetness of French Press coffees.

Pour Over

Did you know that you can also make the best coffee at your home? It isn’t only the mustachioed barista at that favorite coffee shop of yours that can brew the perfect pour over! You too can do it in the simplest form. Place a filter too of a carafe or mug. Add your ground coffee into the filter and then add in some hot water. Be sure to do it in a circular pattern around the grounds. A strong ‘bloom’ of gas will be produced when enough water is utilized. Let it sit for 60 seconds and wait for the brewing process to get completed. As the water flows through the ground coffee, a delicious drink will drip out into the mug or carafe below.

Want to make coffee part of your daily life? Then consider utilizing the pour over method. As long as you’ve some extra minutes on your hands, gently pouring the water and watching the coffee grounds bloom can give you a Zen-like experience.

Cowboy Method

Pouring over, pressing and having to set the timer on your coffee making machine when you are barely awake can be quite a daunting task. If you feel like the other methods are too complex for you to manage, you can always go for the Cowboy Method. Put a handful of ground coffee into hot water and stir thoroughly. No fancy equipment is required. Plus, all the grit provides you with something to chew later. Maybe you could take it as a snack. Now you understand why cowboys usually walk around with hay or toothpicks in their mouth the whole day.

Single-Serving Coffee Maker

These modern coffee makers produce one cup of coffee at a time. They often utilize premade pods, nonetheless, you can always purchase filters to use when making your own coffee. They’re perfect for families where everyone prefers a different type of coffee or for those who only need one cup at a time.

Filter Cup

This is a simple plastic cup which sits above your coffee mug and utilizes a paper filter. All you need is to add the ground coffee beans on the filter and pour hot water over it. Allow some time for the coffee to drip into your mug. However, it’s important to note that the filters are disposable, so you may have to buy new ones every time.


As opposed to traditional coffee makers, this glass brewer bears more resemblance to a vase. It features a simple design and produces tasty coffee. No bitterness. No grounds. All you get is high-quality coffee that’s sure to stimulate your nerves and keep you alert all day.

Espresso Machine

Those lustrous espresso machines, outfitted with hissing milk steamers are usually considered synonymous with luxury. But if you’re a true fan of espresso drinks, you may want to invest in this machine. You’ll get super delicious coffee every time you need it. You can also count on Homesgrounds.co for all your coffee needs.


Want to brew delicious Turkish coffee? Well, the Ibrik coffee maker could be a nice option for you. Add in some finely ground coffee beans into the small pot and hold it over a heat source for several boils. This way, you will end up with strong, flavorful coffee.


No matter how you brew your coffee, you should always go for convenience, robustness, and quality. From drip, French Press, pour over, Chemex, filter cup, Ibrik, and cowboy to the espresso coffee making machine, there’s always something to quench your taste.